Son maître, Pandit Jaikishan Maharaj

Exceptionally gifted Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj hails from the renowned family of professional dancers of the country – known as the « Kalka-Brindadin Gharana » of the Lucknow school of Kathak. His graceful form enlivened by his large eloquent eyes and a winsome smile speak for his alluring stage presence. His flair for rhythm, flourish in movements and eloquence in expression at once impresses the connoisseurs and laymen alike.

Son of the great maestro Padma Vibhusan Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pt. Jai Kishan imbibed the art of Kathak with great devotion since early childhood. He has risen today, to be an artist of high caliber. Meteoric raciness, alert celerity, imaginative ‘Abhinaya’, outstanding footwork and energy charge movement are the areas of attraction of his style.

Pandit Jai Kishan Maharaj has accompanied his father, Pt. Birju Maharaj on several concert tours abroad. Performing in solo capacity and in group compositions in foreign countries has taken him to distinguished forum around the world. He has also performed at the festival of India held in USSR, Japan. France, at the International festival in Europe and also at festivals held in America, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Italy and Norway.

As a soloist he has performed in numerous music conferences in India, such as Sharat Chandrika, Kalka – Bindadin Jayanti ‘95, at Pune and Khajuraho (1995) – to mention a few. He has been featured in the National Program of Dance produced by Delhi Doordarshan several times. He has danced in the lead roles of several compositions of Pt. Birju Maharaj, presented by Kathak Kendra (Krishnayan, Katha Raghunath Ki, Roopmati, Baaz Bahadur, Hori Dhoom Mocho Ri, Kumar Sambhav, Habba Khatoon, Meera Hari Rang Raachi).

Jai Kishan Maharaj combines in himself various roles of performer, teacher, choreographer, drummer and music composer to all of which he brings exacting standards leading to an optimum aesthetic experience. He reveals through his choreography of Paran, Gath, Tukra and others, his freshness of approach within tradition, exploring the different facets of the form, which has inexhaustible possibilities.

He has given dance direction in the dance drama Aakanshka, Sadhu Vaswani and Panchboot The serial Ayurved Sarthi and a documentary film on National Integration directed by him. He has also composed the music for ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ and ‘Hari-Hara’ staged by Sri Ram Bharatiya Kala Kendra as well as for the compositions ‘Om Shakti’, ‘Aaakar’ and the music for the dance- presentation for Famina’94. The Garwali film ‘Dagadia’ has music directed by Jai Kishan Maharaj. His cassette containing the music for aerobics has also been released.

He has added one more feather to his cap by his creative choreography in super hit Hindi movie by Yash Copra, ‘Dil to Pagal Hai’

His unique choreography performance with ghazal maestro Pankaj Udhas in recent past has added a new dimension in Indian classical music.

Jai Kishan Maharaj is a totally committed artiste. His most striking feature is his potential for creativity. Presently he is teaching Kathak at Kathak Kendra, Delhi.